wagyu beef wholesale

As a result, Wagyu beef is derived from four main Japanese cow breeds that have been carefully selected and genetically tested. They include the Japanese Polled, the Japanese Black, the Japanese Brown, and the Japanese Shorthorn. It is known that these breeds produce the highest-quality steak with a5-japanese-wagyu-beef-grading outstanding characteristics such as incredible tenderness and a delicious taste. Wagyu beef is priced on average at $200 per pound, but there are good reasons for that price tag.

Breeding and marketing are highly controlled

As a result, there is a negligible supply of Wagyu beef outside of Japan compared to the demand. By 1997, the exportation of Wagyu cattle breeds to the US had been banned, and only about 200 were exported a5-japanese-wagyu-beef-grading. In addition, Japan uses strict breeding methods to ensure the best genetic material is used in breeding. Due to the limited supply and highly controlled breeding, the price is justified.

Grades that are high in quality

Moreover, the Japanese Meat Grading Association sets very strict standards when grading Wagyu beef based on color, brightness, fat marbling and quality, texture, and firmness. Generally, the beef that makes its way into high-end restaurants is of the highest quality and worth every penny. Try Wagyu sausage rather than regular links from the supermarket, and you can tell the difference immediately.

The Production Process Is Expensive and Tedious

It is a challenging and expensive process to raise cows to produce Wagyu beef. Generally, a breeder raises cows until a certain age (usually ten months old) before auctioning them to farmers, who feed them three times a day and fatten them up. As a result of the cost of concentrated feed, the time and effort involved with raising the cows, as well as the price tag at the auction house—up to $30,000—Wagyu beef is bound to come at a price that is hard to find.

wagyu beef wholesale

The taste of great food

As the famed Japanese breed of cattle, Wagyu beef is undoubtedly the best-tasting beef on the planet. The beef melts in your mouth and has an exceptionally rich, buttery taste that regular beef cannot match. Wagyu beef is also juicier than traditional steaks and packed with an incredible number of fatty acids that give the meat a distinct flavor.

Beef that is the healthiest

The last benefit of Wagyu beef is that it contains more oleic acid than typical beef. A Wagyu steak will not cause you to get a higher level of bad cholesterol since it contains more monounsaturated fatty acids. As a result, you will benefit from cardiovascular benefits, extra vitamins, and a superior tasting experience.